Certified Passive House(CEPH) Designer/Consultant Training Course

Course Details Info
The Course details are created by SEPEV.
Organization SEPEV (Zero Energy and Passive House Association)
Place Ankara, TURKEY
Course Language English
Date 18th – 29th May 2015


The Certified Passive House Designer qualification provides candidates with all of the skills necessary to successfully design and deliver buildings to the Passive House standard. To achieve the qualification candidates will need to complete 80 hours of training by attending a 10-day ‘classroom’ based course and each candidate must successfully pass an examination set by the Passive House Institute.

The objective of the CEPH Designer/Consultant training, will be given first time in Turkey to increase the number of professionals who work in building sector with the technical knowledge of Passive House Design. In a broader range the aim of this project is to increase the number of passive and zero energy buildings as part of sustainable economic and technological development in Turkey.

Course Structure

  • The course consists of a mixture of traditional lectures and practical workshops. The Passivhaus Planning Package is used throughout the training.
  • HPHI (Hellenic Passive House Institute) will be a partner (HPHI is already a course provider in Greece since 2013) for the beginning of this project because CEPH educational materials are focused on the Central European climate and reflect Central European building practice and traditions. Since the end of the CEPH project, a lot of research has been done concerning the application of the Passive House design in different climates zones. SEPEV together with HPHI, will further conduct research on South East European building practices and traditions. Moreover, the training will relate to the building practices in each country with the regional Climate specifics, which are very similar in Turkey and Greece.

Intended audience

  • Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Energy Consultants with existing experience in designing and delivering low-energy buildings.
  • This qualification is very technical in nature and a thorough understanding of construction techniques and low energy design concepts is needed.
  • For the effectiveness of the course the participant number will be limited to 12.
  • The 1st CEPH Designer training session will be free of charge for the SEPEV; Zero Energy and Passive House Association members
  • For international participants registration fee is; 850 Euro.

For registration please contact; [email protected]

Course Program

Part A: The Passive House Standard (Held on first day) :
Day 1

  • Introduction, Background and Principles
  • PHPP introduction and calculation method

Part B: Building Envelope (Held on 2nd, 3rd, 4th days) :
Day 2

  • Passive House envelope – types of construction
  • PHPP exercise: the building envelope
  • Airtightness

Day 3

  • Thermal bridge free designing
  • Thermal imaging and airtightness measuring
  • Passive House Windows

Day 4

  • Tendering Stage
  • Site Supervision and Quality Assurance
  • Building Envelope: comprehensive exercise

Part C: Building Services (Held on 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th days) :
Day 5

  • Ventilation role
  • Ventilation – concepts
  • Ventilation – planning

Day 6

  • Ventilation – implementation
  • Ventilation – sample projects
  • Ventilation – exercise

Day 7

  • Heating – fundamentals
  • Heating – exercise
  • Heating – temp. differentiation
  • Heating – distribution losses

Part D: PHPP (Held on 8th day) :
Day 8

  • PHPP

Part E: Profitability Calculation (Held on 9th day):

Day 9

  • Economic Passive House

Part F: Summary / Review (Held on 10th day) :
Day 10

  • Summary: Building Envelope
  • Summary: Building Services
  • Summary: Economics
  • Summary: Energy Balance – PHPP
  • Design Exercise

Final Examination (180 min)

Participants will undertake a final 3-hour ‘open book’ exam to achieve the qualification of ‘Certified European Passive House Designer or Consultant’. The date for the exam is 29th May 2015.